What is capoeira?

Capoeira is a 500 year old Brazilian martial art that combines fighting, dance, rhythm and movement. Capoeira is a dialog between players. After learning movements, practitioners play together in a roda (circle).

Do I need to be Brazilian to do capoeira?

Of course, not. Capoeira is practiced all over the world as far as Israel, China, Mexico, Canada, and, of course, the U.S.A. You can find capoeira in every country. You will, however, definitely learn some Portuguese!

Do I need to have experience in another martial art to practice capoeira?

Nope! While having experience in another martial art has some benefits, many practitioners of capoeira have no prior experience.

Do I need to be in super great physical shape to do capoeira?

Not at all. There is no ideal body shape in capoeira. Movements can be performed by anyone and can be modified to fit your individual body and fitness level.

What will I be learning?

Capoeira class is a mixture of yoga-like stretching, followed by learning kicks, ducks, and movement combinations. We usually begin capoeira with stretching and warm ups. We use the base of capoeira movements to warm up your body. Afterwards, we will teach you how to dodge the specific kick or movement we are working on that day. Then, we will teach you a kick or kick combination. This is followed by putting the kick and dodge into practice by sparring with a partner and/or the teacher.

You will be learning how to sing in Portuguese, no prior experience required.

You will, also, learn how to play the various instruments that make up capoeira music – the berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, agogo, and reco reco.

What should I wear to class?

Students with no prior experience in capoeira should wear long pants and a t-shirt. Official capoeira uniforms will be available for purchase. Traditional capoeira uniforms are a pair of white abadas, a white t-shirt with your group’s logo, and your cordao/belt (if you have received one).

What is a roda?

A roda is translated from Portuguese as “circle,” where two capoeiristas (capoeira participants) play against each other.

Roda’s are typically made by a group of capoeiristas and they clap along to the music playing. This is your chance to practice what you have learned.

How much does it cost?

Monthly unlimited classes are $30 per month. Drop in classes are $7 each.

Scholarships are available, and no one will be turned away from class due to financial hardship.

Can I bring my kids while I am participating in an adult class?

Yes, absolutely. We are a family friendly group. You are always welcome to bring your kids with you, and we encourage family participation.

How should I contact you if I have any questions?

Email Andorinha or Hobbit at senzalabatonrouge@gmail.com.