At Capoeira Baton Rouge – Grupo Senzala de Capoeira, we believe that everyone should have access to capoeira, exercise, and community support. For this reason, we charge our students a very low fee, and no one is ever turned away for an inability to pay.

In our weekly classes, we teach a combination of physical movements, stretches, music, and instruments. We build confidence and community togetherness through our capoeira practice.

We offer our students rides to class if they do not have cars and arrange carpooling.

We uphold the values of the history of capoeira to engage in our community and pay homage to our ancestors.

Through this commitment, we ask our community members to help offset the costs of renting our gyms, providing rides, uniforms, and classes to our students.

Please click the DONATE button to donate to our group and help us grow and expand our classes throughout Greater Baton Rouge and Louisiana.